Wonder – beyond our limits

Auggie Pullman is an eleven years old child and his face is deformed. After all this years, his family decided to enroll him in a real school and he accepted, especially to make her mom happy, even though he was so unconfident about others child reaction. This is the way that Wonder starts, giving us many prejudices and throwing us in a world full of discrimination where Auggie can’t find a place, indeed his dream is to become an astronaut, and where he feels ugly and inappropriate because of his physical appearance. Through Auggie, his family and his friends, Jack Will and Summer, Wonder tries to explain all the thousands shades of discrimination. With Auggie we find preconception, with his sister Olivia and her friend Miranda, just like little Jack, we have the fear of being left out. The movie also gives us a little prompt about women – Isabel, Auggie’s mum, at the and of the film tries to take her job back – and men – Nate, his dad, is showed like he’s dumb but his true personality came out. With so much importance Wonder shows us difficult relationship between a teenager and his parents, through the eyes of Olivia.
What should be liked is that to all this problems, the film gives some solutions: go beyond the first and exterior look, talk with parents, learn how to let go the fear of the different and know the others for what they truly are, recognize who really loves us and never forget about them. Why? Because the world has billion of people with billion of qualities and aspects. Every person in our world has something to share with us, so, if we try to be open-minded, we can learn so much more than billion of things, everyone is so much more than a deformed face, than a colored skin or than a preconception and all this things is what the future generations should fix in their mind and heart.